Tuesday, 17 March 2009

We went to BLOC !

Never have I seen so much great electronic music compressed into only three days so this is just very quick round up (have probably left a lot out!) of what went down apart from fish and chips, boozing, chalet hopping, slot machines and waterslides . Friday was a veritable dubstep fest, which was to be expected with the venue being closer to Bristol this year,. The two main rooms showcased Kode 9, Pinch, Peverelist and 2562, which I thoroughly enjoyed apart from the slightly annoying MC. Put a sock in it and let us listen to those tunes. Daniel Bell was ace and provided some techno relief at the end of the night with some really deep, hypnotic sounds. Things were cranked up a bit on Saturday with more electro and techno on the agenda, but only after listening to more dubstep in the form of the superb Bass Clef. What this guy can do with a trombone, a radio transistor and a sampler never fails to impress. Egyptian Lover’s djing skills are simply ace and caused me to dance like an utter loon to some old skool electro sounds. I somehow managed to miss DJ Godfather altogether as I was bopping away to Rob Hood. In fact I didn’t make it to the JAK Bar room until Sunday for some reason or another and that’s where DJ Bennetti (one half of Whitehouse) played under his italo moniker. The tunes being played can only be described as Power Italo anthems and he is cool enough to get away with dropping Boys by Sabrina. What a man. Other Italo highlights included I.F who’s DJing has admittedly become slightly more cheesy than it used to be but that’s not a bad thing if you ask me and the Miami Vice fancy dress theme added to the eighties feel. Was also great to hear him play his own signature production, Space Invaders, on a large sound system. Alexander Robotnik played a more techno orientated set than expected so I decided to rest my legs for later. Metro Area failed to show allowing Joe Hart to take centre stage instead. Carl Craig didn’t fail to deliever ending things on a high by dropping plenty of classics, which kept everyone wanting more despite three days of solid partying. Good work! All in all, this was a top weekend. Great tunes, great people, Was good to see so many Disco Nectar regulars and DJs present namely Synchronoise, C++ , The Hidden Persuader, Nanobot and Richard Carnage not mention plenty of familiar faces and friends from the Cardiff and Bristol scene. You know who you are! Big Love to you all. BLOC 2010: Bring it.


Carl Morris said...

Butlins is like a weird plastic sub-paradise. Like a squeeky clean version of alternative 1985 in Back To The Future II.

I managed to love the event though.

Lee Perry gave good value bass.

Kode9 played carnival music.

This thing is ever mutating.

Alvaro said...

I met a girl at BLOC that grab my notebook and left me a note that included this URL.
I don't know if this was you or a reader of this blog.

Disco Nectar said...

I think it may have been me! Lots of things are blurry 1