Wednesday, 22 April 2009

April update

Thanks massively to everyone who made it to our last event! For those of you who didn't attend you missed a fine liveset by UNscene who played some of his best stuff I've heard to date. You may have heard UNscene bashing out bass heavy electro under his Hidden Persuader moniker, most recently supporting Luke Vibert in Cardiff. This set had quite a different sound and I was seriously impressed by this guy's genre-melding collection of tunes ranging from warm, melodic downtempo techno reminiscent of Boards of Canada, through to jerky electro culminating in some rinsed out jungle. Go Bob! UNscene was followed by our guest Djs from Bristol, The Kelly Twins (Dan and Sean) playing two hours of ace tunes back to back. This was an eclectic set, as was expected including some fine electro classics, italo disco, Acid and Chicago house . At one point, everyone in the club was dancing. Nice work!

Look forward to our next party at Undertone on May 16th.

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